Seven Deadly Sins of the New Year

No one sets out to sabotage themselves in the new year. No one says to themselves, “Self, I think I’ll make this year a terrible year…” Why then, do people end up having terrible years when they could have better ones. Here are a few reasons, sins that will sabotage your new year.


This is most obvious half-way through January. Gyms stand empty again. The scale stays in the closet. They books gather dust on the night-stand. It is simply easier NOT to make the changes that will make the year better. So they don’t get made.


This shows up at the worst times in the worst possible ways. It ruins relationships. It drives compulsive habits. It requires medication or explodes in angry outbursts.


Lack of attention to detail, or simply not caring is a cousin of laziness. If I don’t care about other people, or don’t start caring and noticing pretty soon, my relationships will never improve. If I don’t really care about how much things cost, I’ll never save.


The mother of all other vices, this one reinforces every other bad habit. Thinking more highly of one’s self than is warranted promotes excuses, blaming, abuse, bragging, false humility, a sense of entitlement and all kinds of other things that are unpleasant to be around…and we can’t figure out why things aren’t getting better this year.


Foolishness takes all sorts of forms: incessant talking, boasting, being angry, choosing poor friends, and dishonesty. A fool and his money are soon parted…so are a fool and his friends. The pursuit of wisdom can prevent a lot of pain in 2015.

Lack of Self-Restraint

If you can’t postpone spending, you’ll never save. If you can’t limit eating, you’ll never lose weight. If you can’t stop yourself from watching TV, you’ll never read those books. When you cannot be your own master, someone else, or something else will be. And, that is usually bad.


Sometimes the problems with the New Year don’t come from what we do that we can’t make ourselves stop. Sometimes it comes from the things we don’t do because we are afraid. If fear is the saboteur, you may not even recognize the New Year got away from you until after its gone. And that is the saddest of all losses.

While you may not set New Year’s Resolutions, maybe you can avoid these things that will sabotage your success in the new year.

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