About Me

I have been married for over 30 years. I publicly thanked my wife for 30 good years and someone asked me, “Yes,but how long have you actually been married?” We have five children. The first one got married this year, the youngest thinks boys are gross.

My older children serve alongside me in ministry. All have a profound love of Jesus and their own heart to follow him. I marvel at how well they are turning out.

I have been the pastor of my current church for over 20 years. I started here as a regular guy, played shortstop on the softball team, was a part-time youth pastor, then full-time, then associate pastor and then the lead pastor since 1993.

When I began I was the fourth pastor within the decade, the 14th in 51 years. Needless to say, a 20 year tenure has changed the nature of the church. We’ve started two additional campuses. I’ve worked with many, many interns from Western Seminary and Multnomah Seminary. I serve on the Board of Trustees at Western Seminary.

I have coached youth sports since I was playing youth sports. I currently coach fastpitch softball. Kids that I coached have earned college scholarships in football, softball, volleyball, and wrestling.

These three aspects of my life, family, coaching and pastoring, have provided me with windows into self-leadership, family leadership and church leadership. I grew up in a solid family and a decent church. Along the way I picked up things that I took for granted. I thought everyone saw things the way I did and could do the things that I could do. It took me a long time to realize that wasn’t the case. Part of my blogging is self-discovery of my own, trying to make explicit things that I have ‘known’ but not really thought about.

All three arenas of leadership are shaped by faith. The gospel, more than anything else, speaks to how one leads his own life. A gospel-led family is different than than a moral or well-behaved family. A church that preaches and believes the gospel breeds health in ways that other organizations can’t. This blog is, in part, dedicated to exploring those differences.

Please interact in the comments. If you’d like me to serve you or your organization by writing or speaking please email me at Scott (at) ScottReavely.com.

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