Why I Hate the “Husband of the Year!”

I just watched a video of the “Fittest Man on Earth.” Wow! He’s a beast! I admire him. I respect what he can do. But, I don’t hate him. I’ll never be the Fittest Man on Earth and I’m okay with that.

I marvel at what LeBron James can do on a basketball court. I don’t envy his MVP status. He deserves. I don’t. He can do things I’ll never do. Husband of the Year

But I do hate the Husband of the Year.

Last week I was talking with my wife’s aunt and cousin. Her aunt began bragging on the cousin’s husband. “All the sisters compare notes and Tom wins ‘Husband of the Year’ every year. ”

Then she explained why. “He takes the kids so she can have a weekend away. He cooks dinner. He does the dishes…”

That’s when I realized I hated the Husband of the Year. Because unlike LeBron James or the fittest man on earth — I CAN do the things the Husband of the Year does. I just don’t.

That’s why I hate him.